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  • Bonus: conversation with a Cozy Minimalist Mom (includes 10 additional videos)

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This course includes 20 videos. Check out two sample ones below:

Conversations with a Cozy Mom

This course includes 10 videos from my conversation with my friend Julie, a mom of 3 kids.

Cozy Minimalist Concepts for Moms

This course includes another 10 videos where I teach core Cozy Minimalist concepts to help you 

Here's a preview of the modules in this course:

This session will help you use your frustration as a weapon to fight the chaos of a messy home.

As your family grows up (or just grows in general), your organization methods may stop being efficient. Here's help!

Organization is about identifying your trouble areas and fixing them in order to feel more comfortable in your home.

In this session, your clutterbug tendencies will be challenged! Whether you really do hoard things or you just forget to go through it all. Let's talk about clutter.

This session will help you embrace the mess. Giving you and your children a place to be messy may stimulate creativity and lessen the load of your daily chores.

Don’t allow your clutter to decorate on your behalf! Time to open your eyes to rouge decor.

Make friends with your empty surfaces! Remember, your home is not a museum, so avoid the need to fill every single space in your home. 

This session will teach you the difference between items that should be stored away versus items that add to your decor!

Enjoy having mama’s prerogative! It's time to take back the house. 

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What other moms are saying about Cozy Minimalist...

I loved this online course. Myquillyn’s fun personality and tips helped me put together a room that I can relax in and feel comfortable hosting guests in. Her process helped me better understand the voice that my home has. 


The Cozy Minimalist course was a great jump start to learning how to create a beautiful home that works the best for my family, using what I already have.  It gave me the confidence to take risks and know how to get the most out of my decorating dollar.  The few changes I made had big results.  I'll be using and sharing everything I learned in this course for years to come!


The Cozy Minimalist course was such a breath of fresh air in the design world. It goes against a lot of what Western culture believes (ex: accumulating, hoarding, crazy selfishness) and caused us all to rethink not just how we design but also how we do life. Lots of grace, lots of space, and lots of peace. Thank you so much to EVERYone involved. I'm humbled to have had this privilege.


The Cozy Minimalist course gave me the courage to really be true to myself in my home. I felt  inspired to create, make mistakes, and add warmth and interest to my home that resonated with my family! Thank you, Myquillyn. I am leaving encouraged and confident that I can create an imperfectly perfect home for us! Also, if you knew my husband, this is the greatest praise, "The best money she's ever spent on our home."


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This course is made up of 10 short videos to help inspire you to create a Cozy Minimalist home even with kids. You'll learn ten concepts you can apply to your home. It's an online, self-study video course. 


If you are a mom struggling with creating a home you love while dealing with all the clutter and chaos that comes with kids, this course is for you. If you are a busy mom looking for some inspiration and actionable ideas, this course is for you.


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