Session 1:
Quiet Your Space
In your first session, you'll learn how to make the most of your tangible resources: time, money, ideas, and control. 
Session 2:
What's Your Style?
In session 2, we'll explore style - how to identify your own and apply it to your space. We'll also tackle furniture placement tips, tricks and solutions.
Session 3:
Let's Talk Walls
In this jam-packed session, you'll learn everything you ever wanted to know about how to dress your walls, including how to build your own beautiful, personal gallery wall.
Session 4:
Finishing Touches
In the last session, we're putting finishing touches on your space: let's talk accessories. What purpose do they serve, and which ones make the cut?

For just $39, you'll get instant access to:

  • Video Presentations

    The Nester has recorded four engaging, entertaining presentations filled with innovative ideas, step-by-step instructions, and the answers to some of our most burning design questions.
  • Audio Files

    Busy with no time to sit and watch the videos? Not a problem - just take the Nester with you! We'll provide you with the audio from each video so that you can attend class wherever you are.
  • PDF slides

    With each session's video, you'll receive the slides from the video that you can use to follow along. The slides were handmade by the Nester and can serve as a great way to make notes and map out your plan for your space.

online course

Do you have rooms that are cluttered, cramped, or color-challenged? Are you ready for a change? The Cozy Minimalist online course is your answer.  

The Cozy Minimalist Online courses are catalysts - the necessary big push to help you get started transforming a room. Cluttered, stuff-filled spaces have been quieted. Thrift store chairs have become signature pieces (with a little DIY love). Daring, fresh coats of paint have gone up in place of tired, outdated wallpaper. Our students' project spaces have been simply inspiring. The transformation we've seen across the board 
have been dramatic. The testimonials we've received tell the rest of the story.

"A Life-Changing Course"

"I loved this online course. Myquillyn's fun personality and tips helped me put together a room that I can relax in and feel comfortable hosting guests in. Her process helped me better understand the voice that my home has."
- D.P., Cozy Minimalist Online Grad 2015

"The Cozy Minimalist course was a great jump start to learning how to create a beautiful home that works the best for my family, using what I already have. It gave me the confidence to take risks and know how to get the most out of my decorating dollar. The few changes I made had big results... I'll be using and sharing everything I learned in this course for years to come!"
- A.K., Cozy Minimalist Online Grad 2015

"I loved the whole process. The quieting of the room allowed me to see it as a blank slate, which really brought out which direction the room should go."
- A.H., Cozy Minimalist Online Grad 2015 

"This course provided a HUGE amount of information, in an easy to follow format. Breaking down one room, and building it back up over four weeks, helped to really understand the process. There was a lot to learn, but I was also encouraged because I could see the things I had already done correctly."
- S.P., Cozy Minimalist Online Grad 2015